A-List Temptaion

Can true love exist between Hollywood royalty and a below-the-line nobody?


Hollywood makeup artist Dina Jacobs desperately needs an escape from the LA hustle, with its flimsy relationships, constant back-stabbing, and endless ladder climbing. She hopes taking a job on an indie-shoot halfway across the country might be just what she needs. The slow, small-town pace of lovely Devina would be perfect, except for one thing - the director of the this little indie project is none other than A-list actor, and prolific Lothario - Will Derry.


Forced to work closely with a man she's had a fantasy crush on for years, Dina soon realizes that there's more to the Hollywood icon than just his looks and bad-boy reputation. To her shock the celebrity bachelor seems to be more focused on her than he does the work in front of him and his camera. Will's attentions soon intensify, as he becomes more distracted by his new crush.


Sensing jealous glares from the cast and crew, and not wanting to have her career marred with a reputation as a trouble-maker, Dina is forced to brush off Will's advances, despite her yearning for a more intimate escalation of their relationship.


Can Dina resist Will's growing advances, or will she risk the chance that she might just be another A-lister's romantic conquest?

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