SEAL'd Trust


The last mission was over. 

I was never bringing back the men I'd lost over there, and if I had a hope in hell of redeeming myself after that horrible disaster, it would be here, in the town I'd chosen to set up my brand spanking new civilian life. 

Or at least, that was the plan... 

I knew I had promises to keep and plans to follow, but then, life plopped a mission in my lap that all my years of training couldn't have prepared me for. 

... An overdressed, heavily made up, five-foot package of pure pain in the ass. 


I could say that I didn't trust men, but that's not entirely true. I didn't trust myself not to get involved with exactly the wrong kind of men. 

I moved to this town to get away from all that, and the last thing I needed right now was an ex-Navy SEAL jock like Max, getting in the way of my new life. 

Tall, muscly, and with a jumbo sized ego? No thank you. I made a promise to myself that I'd do better than that, and I didn't care how damn attractive or mysterious he was. I needed to get back on my feet, find a new job and lick my wounds. 

Then why was he all I could think about? And why did he have to move in right next door? What a pain in the ass. 

- - - - - - 

From USA Today Bestselling author Gabi Moore, "SEAL'd Trust" is the first book in her brand new STANDALONE series, "Brotherhood of SEAL'd Hearts". 

What you can expect from this book: - Heat level: kindle-melting. - No cheating. - No cliffhangers. - HEA.

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