Cutting Ice

Career versus love - love for a partner, love for your friends, love for the place you call home. One decision can change it all.

When a huge opportunity for Emily forces her to move across the country, her relationship with her boyfriend crumbles. Newly single and now trapped in a small town for next several months, Emily throws herself into her work: an in-depth report on an up-and-coming hockey team and its number one player.

When Emily's desire to get close to the team and prove that she can be one of the guys leads to a wild and steamy night with Sam, the team's sexy rising-star, her article hits a roadblock. Sam's previously easy-going, open, and cocky manner turns cold and distant, forcing Emily to chase him down for an interview.

Sam has just been given the opportunity of a lifetime - a chance to leave his team for the big leagues in a big city, but his desire for success and fame are only equaled by his desire to stay loyal to his teammates, his family, and his hometown.

As Emily pursues her article and her own career, she learns more about Sam and his impending decision. As Sam opens up to her she feels drawn to him on a deeper level than their initial fling might have predicted. The line between journalist and romantic interest blur as Emily can't help but feel personally involved in Sam's decision.

Will Emily push Sam to make the same choice that she did, career over everything? Or will Sam's love for his small town force Emily to rethink what's really important in her life?

Cutting Ice is a romance novella with no cheating and HEA, that will keep you hot on a cold night, on or off the ice.

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