A ruined wedding. A star athlete. A secret baby…

What could go wrong?

Having my would-be husband walk out on me at the altar was bad enough, but finding out that my maid of honor was the tramp he ran off with was devastating.


Still reeling from the shock of my life, Jones, an old high school crush sweeps me off my feet and onto the sticky, hard surface of an empty bar counter. Embraced by Jones’ strong, athletic arms our spontaneous night of passion felt like something more than just a one night stand. When I awoke to find him missing, I felt my heart torn out for a second time.


I tried to move on with my life, to forget about Jones’ rock-hard abs and solid torso, the salty musk of his sweat… but the urge to contact him grew stronger and stronger with each day. I couldn’t tell if my feelings for him were real or if they were just a reaction to my wounded pride. Either way, I didn’t care, I had to see him again. At first, I was hesitant to pursue him, but I eventually called and we agreed to meet up. He was out of town - at football practice. It turns out that my old crush had become a professional jock - he was some kind of star football player. I really needed to watch more sports.


After a whirlwind romance, a few more sweaty nights together, and even a run-in with the paparazzi, it seemed like we might make the perfect couple, but something wasn’t right. I had been keeping a secret from him, a secret that might drive him away forever - I was pregnant.


Was I destined to be a single mom trapped in a small town for the rest of my life, or would my well-muscled hero come to me rescue yet again?

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